Best Interior Plan

Looking at 3D floor plans created by professional designers and examining them is not exactly a thought that usually comes to mind when you’re trying to figure out what the best layout and design is for your home. Still, doing this can be very helpful. You can find lots of inspiration in these images and come up with a perfect layout that would work for you.

3-bedroom floor plans.

A three-bedroom home offers a lot of possibilities in terms of layout. For example, an option is to keep the bedrooms and the social spaces separate. The result would be a well-organized layout featuring the three bedrooms placed in a row on one side and the shared spaces on the opposite side.

Another option is to sacrifice one of the bedrooms and transform it into a home office. A valid idea for those who don’t need the third bedroom and can do great with just two. Usually it’s the smallest of the bedrooms which gets to change its function.

Since it’s a three-bedroom home we’re talking about, we can safely assume that at least one of the bedrooms is for the kids. A layout which allows both the parents and the kids to enjoy their freedom and privacy features the bedrooms separate.

In this layout, each of the three bedrooms gets to have its own corner. However, this puts the living space at the center of the house, not ensuring a lot of privacy and tranquility for the bedrooms.

This is especially true in modern homes that have an open design that connects the kitchen with the living and dining areas. In India’s urban areas, including cities such as Chennai and Bangalore, the kitchen is often integrated into the social areas even in villas and small houses. Of course, with the advances in technology, the appliances and equipment used in modern kitchens are considerably different from the ones you may have come across in old bungalows

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